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Custom Furniture...

for your Cat and You!



We design our Pet Furniture around your pet and Your Home. No one wants an ugly cat tree in their living room. 





About Us


We make Pet furniture unforgettable!

You’ve made an important and wise decision.

You’re ready to improve something for yourself, your pet and help the environment a bit. You’ve decided to just say “no” to living with beat-up, damaged, deteriorating pet furnishings and “no” to purchasing imported cat furniture that’s destined to end up in a landfill.

 We make the finest custom cat trees available!

‣  Custom pet furniture 

     Welcome to The Zen Tree. We are a Custom Furniture business that specializes in Pet Furniture. Are you tired of mass produced, warehouse sold, carpet cat tree or condo?

     The Zen Tree designs the furniture around your home, office or outside decor. We specialize in custom cat furniture that is loved by both cats and their owners. You no longer have to buy mass produced inferior products made of cheap glued particle board, foux fur and chemical smelling carpets from the big box stores. Just like you, we purchased a couple cat trees from a large warehouse store and were not pleased.

     At The Zen Tree we believe that your cats furniture is as important as the food you feed them. We use a variety of Up-cycled sturdy solid woods, reclaimed barn woods & driftwoods. We also use real sustainably farmed Reindeer pelts and reclaimed high end carpets. Your cat will love the sensory smells from the woods & furs. You will enjoy the visual organic nature of The Zen Tree cat trees.

     We enjoy the unconditional love of our cat Smokey and always strive to give him the best. While searching for a new cat tree, and not finding anything worthy of him or our decor, we decided to make our own. As referrals poured in, The Zen Tree came to be. We now have a cat tree that Smokey loves climbing, recharging and we love looking at!!!

     Due to the handmade and custom nature of our cat trees, no trees will be exactly alike. We will have several versions that you can choose from as far as number of shelves and heights. Our designs can also serve dogs and other pets. Special requests can be made. If inspiration hits, please feel free to contact us for more information.



We use a variety of furs, woods, carpets, hardwood, driftwood, exotics and finishes. So, we can color match to other items or create exactly what you want! 


The end result will be one of a kind Zen Den that your cat will love and you will love to look at. Your friends and family will be in awe! Make sure and talk with us about our referral program! 

‣  Custom playful and ergonomic design

 Color paint, fur, texture, carpet, and wood matching

‣  Finest Hardwoods available

‣  1 year warranty and available 3 year

‣  Handmade in America

‣  Built to Last

‣  Multiple Tiered design

‣  Wall mounted Pet Furniture

  Cat Tree that match your home




"Our cat will not leave the cat tree alone. She rubs her face into the fur non stop. She has been able to climb relentlessly. Now, she doesn't claw our furniture and is only obsessed with his tree. I never would have thought that in a house full of antiques, our custom cat tree would be the center of conversation. Awesome design and workmanship! " Trudy J. 

"The Zen Tree has been the best cat furniture purchase ever. He has his own home to jump and climb in without being yelled at. The Reindeer fur keeps his natural instincts alive and warm. Awesome Work!" Meghan V.


"We never thought that this would be the finest piece of furniture in our home! It is as if our cat has new life thanks to The Zen Tree." Daryl J J.



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"Unfortunately we lost our indoor cat a year ago. The Zen Tree cat tower still sits in our living room due to its excellent design and it matches the furniture. We are very excited to get our new cat to climb all over it." Manual A.

"Who would have thought that a Persian would be racing and jumping up and down a cat tree repeatedly. When I come home the first thing he does is claw the Sisal Rope, jump from up each level to the top and go back and forth at least 10 times as fast as possible. Amazing design and looks. We are even taking out our china cabinet and making a giant 10 foot custom Zen Tree cat condo. You guys are the best!"  Jason H.

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